Individual Coaching Packages


Performance Coaching includes:


Customized Bi-weekly training plans

Plan adjustments

Training Peaks Account

Unlimited email/text contact

Race Strategy and Planning

Mental Game preparation

Race Nutrition

Post Race Debriefing


$159/month - $129/month for 6 months - $99/month for 1 year


While its your physical strength that must get you to the finish line, your mental strength is equally important if not more. For self-coached athletes who are looking for focused mind development we offer mental preparation.


Mental Preparation Sessions include:


Overcoming limitations

Time management

Overcoming fear

Managing training, family and work

Thriving in pain


Included is a 30 min complimentary session

Pre-assessment/ Needs Analysis

Pre-session preparation work


60 min. coaching sessions bought in 6 hour blocks

$360 for 6 sessions